POLITICO’s EU Studies & Career Fair goes virtual – again

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Every year, POLITICO organizes the largest recruitment event in EU affairs in Europe. At the event, the world’s best universities and organizations connect with thousands of youngsters looking for a future in EU Affairs, International Relations, Political Sciences, Business, Economics and Public Policy. Due to the pandemic, the EU Studies & Career Fair events team moved the fair fully online for the first time at the beginning of 2021. On a bespoke platform, over 3600 people attended the fair virtually and were able to address questions to their favourite institutions and exhibitors, meet other like-minded people and attend workshops and seminars all about EU career opportunities.

As in previous years, UACES had the pleasure of taking part in the fair, but for the first time in an online format. Our expectations were exceeded. The platform was easy to use, and the events team did an excellent job in preparing and coordinating everyone at the fair. We met a lot of outstanding people and professionals who were keen to learn more about the organisation and our work. We connected with them, learnt about their interests and informed them about funding opportunities and other benefits of UACES membership. The seminar ‘How to make the right choice of EU studies?’ delivered by former UACES Chair Dr Nicholas Startin was well received and gave an informative insight of the discipline of European Studies, and which related Master or PhD programs might be helpful for their chosen career paths. He answered questions that helped listeners think about their career aspirations, whether in or outside academia, so that they can make the right choices for their careers.


We will be participating again in the upcoming online POLITICO EU Studies & Career Fair which will take place from 2-3 February 2022. Together with a number of UACES Group Members, such as the University of Bath, the University of Leiden, UCL, LSE, CIFE, College of Europe and the Institute for European Studies at VUB we are looking forward to networking with interested students and young professionals once again, and guiding them through the discipline of European Studies. The online Fair offers the opportunity to reach out to students worldwide, to easily connect via messages and social media platforms and to help them get the information they need first-hand. We can’t wait for February to come around!

Registration for POLITICO’s 23rd virtual edition of the EU Studies & Career Fair is officially open. Join their exhibitors on 2-3 February 2022, to network with top academic institutions and recruiters on our brand-new bespoke platform.


Here are 5 good reasons why you should attend:  

1. FIND OUT about 35+ top academic institutions’ undergraduate and graduate programs 

2. ATTEND compelling orientation and career webinars presented by our exhibitors and our visibility partners 

3. NETWORK with your peers, our young Ambassadors and young professionals on the platform 

4. GET career tops and tricks from professionals and boost your employability 

5. GET IN TOUCH with our exhibitors via chat or videocalls at their booths or make appointments with them. 


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