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Obituary: Sir Leslie Fielding

Sir Leslie Fielding, 1932-2021

Sir Leslie Fielding in 2011.
Source of photo: University of Sussex, Broadcast: News items, Obituary: Sir Leslie Fielding, By Sean Armstrong

We regret to announce the death of Sir Leslie Fielding on 4 March 2021, who was Honorary President of UACES between 1990-96.  Leslie was a larger than life figure – extrovert, engaging and energetic.  There were at least three sides to his career – the public official, the academic, and involvement in the Church of England.  These three roles were woven in and out of a career which always had a strong component of European engagement.  At the outset he hesitated between taking holy orders and entering the civil service.  He opted for the latter and joined the Foreign Office in 1956, with a range of posts to follow both at home and abroad – Iran, Cambodia, Paris, in all of which his mix of acumen and linguistic skills combined with a talent for exuberance.  He was among the first British officials to join the European Commission in 1973 where he worked for some 14 years, partly as a senior official in the Directorate-General for External Relations and partly as head of the Delegation in Japan. He was thus one of a cohort of talented officials from the UK who made their mark on the European Community as it then was.

However, Leslie had always had something of a yen for a more intellectual involvement, partly reinforced by a period of working in the then Planning Staff of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  He took time out from his service in the European Commission in 1977-8 for a stint at St Antony’s College, Oxford.  Indeed it was while he was there that he met and married Sally Harvey, a medieval historian, who reinforced his yearning for a life in academe. The opportunity came a decade later when he was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex.  It was not always a harmonious partnership, Leslie bringing a reformist agenda in tune with the Thatcherite times to an institution inspired by its founding period in 1961 with an innovative academic agenda and a student population inclined towards left-wing radicalism. Leslie brought his deep interest in European integration to the work of the University by reviving an interdisciplinary research and teaching centre focused on European affairs.  He won funding for a building extension and the agreement of his colleagues to establish what became the Sussex European Institute. I declare an interest and deep gratitude, since I had the luck to be appointed its first Director. Leslie, however, retired early in 1992, partly to look after Sally in her ill health and their two young children. In retirement, Leslie was able to spend time as a lay reader in the Church and to put pen to paper in writing eight books covering his memoirs and experiences. He kept in touch with European studies partly by serving as a British member of the High Council of the European University Institute in Florence. He was absolutely delighted to be asked to serve as Honorary President of UACES.

Professor Dame Helen Wallace

Currently Honorary President of UACES




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UACES Chair’s Message — March 2021

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Since I wrote my last Chair’s column, we have taken the decision to host the 51st UACES Annual Conference virtually due to the ongoing situation with the COVID pandemic. We held our first virtual conference last September and we look forward to seeing friends and colleagues again from the UACES community, albeit, sadly, again in a virtual environment. The call for papers remains open until the 1st of April so do consider submitting a paper or a panel if you have not already done so. This year, we are hoping, restrictions permitting, that we will be able to host a small number of local bubble events to give members the chance to meet up in person in various locations – watch this space. Here’s hoping that the 2022 Annual Conference will take place in Lille as scheduled.

UACES new Patrons

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We are delighted to welcome four new Honorary Patrons to UACES. Our Honorary Patrons support the Association by helping us promote the discipline of European Studies and Higher Education in general, attending UACES events and providing expertise and advice to the trustees when required.

How to (continue to) look after yourself (during the ongoing pandemic)

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You might think that after 2020 we have all read enough articles on mental health and self-care. This might be true, however, we think there can’t be enough reminders out there coming from different perspectives. 2020 showed us how important it is to find balance in our everyday lives but also how different it might […]

UACES Chair’s Message — December 2020

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As I write this message the deadline for the Brexit talks have been extended once again and we still do not know what the full implications will be for our association and the wider academic community.

Reflections on UACES 1st Virtual Conference

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UACES Annual Conference 2020 brought our research group a mixture of excitement and poignancy. We are enormously grateful to the UACES team for their phenomenal work in organising and hosting a superb event, which was not only highly intellectually stimulating but which was also a tour de force of smooth and highly effective e-learning.

My NORTIA residency at KU Leuven: China, Contestation, and Covid-19

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Spending some time in Brussels is always an invaluable opportunity for any EU researcher. I first arrived at KU Leuven on January 6th, 2020, a little over a month since the new von der Leyen Commission took office. At the time, COVID19 was only news in China and Western mainstream media was preoccupied with issues such as the coming into effect of Brexit on January 31st and the potential implications of the Soleimani incident between the US and Iran. Those were the days.

UACES Chair’s Message — August 2020

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Dear UACES Colleagues,

I hope you are well and that you have had the opportunity to spend some time away from your computer screens and to recharge the batteries over the summer months.

Standing Still to Move Forward? Reflections on a Decade at UACES

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A few months ago, I was having a WhatsApp chat with my 3 best friends. They are all incredibly talented women – one is a partner in a law firm, another an award-winning science journalist and author, another a charity policy director. Intimidating or what? The conversation was about the organisations they’ve worked for and the value of moving between different companies. One of my friends said ‘[it’s] amazing how easily you can think your organisation’s way of doing something is the best or most productive until you experience different workplaces’.

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