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To mark International Women’s Day, we’re bringing you a round-up of work from UACES members, journals and blogs, on issues related to gender in European Studies or in academia more generally.

We’re also including memories from UACES events and activities that celebrate the women of the association.

This post will be regularly updated on 8th March and in the subsequent weeks.

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Launch of the Gendering EU Studies (GES): UACES Collaborative Research Network (CRN)

Launched in February 2018, GES brings together a rich and growing body of work in the area of gender and EU politics and policies, with the intention of mainstreaming gender and feminist approaches in EU studies. The CRN seeks to encourage the further development of this scholarship and encourage the dissemination of key findings within mainstream outlets. The network brings together established and early career researchers in a supportive environment aimed at producing high quality and rigorous research outputs.

GES seeks to explore and challenge the obstacles which curtail feminist influence in EU Studies and leave gender analysis on the periphery. The CRN thus has two co-constituting aims:

  • To encourage research on gender and all aspects of the EU, including external relations.
  • To facilitate engagement between ‘mainstream’ EU Studies scholars and feminist scholars on the value of gender analysis.


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