The European Parliament in the New Europe: Institutional Power and Policy Influence?

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King’s College London | 26 May 2017

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Is the European Parliament (EP) an influential actor in the more intergovernmental, politicized and contested Union? How have the crises of the EU impacted its decision-making process and the role of the EP within it? To what extent has the EP effectively used the new powers conferred to it by the Treaty of Lisbon?

These are among the central questions addressed during the workshop ‘The European Parliament in the new Europe: Institutional power and policy influence?’, funded by UACES and the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy at King’s College London. The workshop has brought together established scholars, early-career researchers and policy-makers to jointly reflect on the role, influence and impact of the EU’s only elected institution. The participants and the audience came from a variety of universities from the UK, continental Europe and the USA, and were joined by practitioners from the EP. The publication of the workshop proceedings is in preparation.

Edoardo Bressanelli, Lecturer in European Politics, KCL

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This workshop received support from a UACES Small Event Grant.