JCMS Annual Review Lecture 2016

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‘How much Europe’, asked Tanja Börzel in the JCMS Annual Review lecture, ‘is necessary for effective and legitimate governance in Europe amid enduring crises?’

In her insightful and wide ranging diagnosis of the challenges facing the European Union, Tanja Börzel argued to an audience of scholars, students and policy-makers at Europe House in London that the events of recent years show that the EU is incapable of the tackling the redistributive problems that arise from the Eurozone crisis and the large influx of refugees and migrants. On the one hand, the Member States of the EU have delegated sufficient powers to the EU to deprive themselves of the means of responding to these crises. On the other hand, the EU has not been given sufficient powers by the Member States to tackle the migration and Eurozone crises itself. The result is today’s impasse.

Prof. Börzel, however, not only offered a diagnosis, but also a prescription. She argued the way forward is not about ‘more’ or ‘less’ Europe. Rather, it is about creating a new kind of EU governance that deals with redistributive issues. Moreover, she opined that what is necessary is a strengthening of cosmopolitan voices in the politicization of the EU and its policies that appeal to the Europeanized identities of EU citizens based on shared values of solidarity, liberty and humanity.

The JCMS Annual Review lecture followed hard on the heels of a very successful JCMS AR State of the EU roundtable at the Council for European Studies conference in Philadelphia where Erik Jones, Dermot Hodson and Michelle Cini offered their analyses of the Eurozone, the (then) impending Brexit referendum and (the lack of) solidarity in the European Union.

Tim Haughton, University of Birmingham


The Annual Review covers the key developments in the European Union, its member states, and acceding and/or applicant countries in the previous year.

The JCMS Annual Review is edited by Nathaniel Copsey, Aston University and Tim Haughton, University of Birmingham.