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Round-up of writing and conversation by UACES members on the UK’s vote to leave the EU. This includes pieces published before and after the referendum vote. If you are a UACES member and would like your piece featured below please email

Pieces are ordered by publication date with the most recent at the top of the list.

(30-06-2016) From Brexit to Trump: Why mobilising anger in a constructive way is now one of the key challenges in modern politics by Sonja Avlijaš

(28-06-2016) After The Referendum And Before Brexit… Where Now For Workers’ Rights In The EU? by Rebecca Zahn

(28-06-2016) Brexit: Frequently Asked Questions by Anthony Salamone

(27-06-2016) Push Me, Pull You: Whose Hand on the Article 50 Trigger? by Kenneth Armstrong

(27-06-2016) What’s the EU going to do? by Simon Usherwood

(27-06-2016) The EEA: A Safe Harbour in the Brexit Storm by Richard Whitman

(24-06-2016) My Take on ‘Brexit’ by Simona Guerra

(22-06-2016) Dr Stella Ladi speaks to Euronews about the EU Referendum

(13-06-2016) Project Fear: How the negativity of the referendum campaigns undermine democracy by Charlotte Galpin

(02-06-2016) Uncertain, nostalgic, uncomfortable and bewildered: a portrait of the older Brexit backer by Geoffrey Edwards

(22-02-2016) Cameron’s Referendum Gamble By Geoffrey Edwards and Guy Edwards

‘I want my country back’: Emotion and Englishness at the Brexit ballotbox by Russell Foster


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