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As part of their original bid to become editors of JCMS Michelle Cini and Amy Verdun set themselves a number of goals during their tenure. These included (amongst others) making JCMS into a truly interdisciplinary journal, increasing the economics ranking of the journal and turning the JCMS website into a unique resource for subscribers and authors. After 6 years successfully tackling these goals and piloting the journal one goal still remained: to extend the global reach of JCMS. In May 2016, after much preparation, Michelle and Amy set off to promote the JCMS in Asia based on their original proposal. Here they share their itinerary for the trip…

Saturday 7-Sunday 8 May 2016 travel from homes to Narita Airport (Tokyo, Japan). Dr Min Shu of Waseda University welcomed us at the airport and travelled with us to the hotel. That evening we met with our academic host and four other academics over dinner.

Monday 9 May At Waseda University we had an event with three parts that had a panel with three lectures (including those of Cini and Verdun); a second session where three papers were presented and Cini and Verdun acted as discussants; a third session in which Cini and Verdun promoted the journal. Our key academic hosts were Hidetoshi Nakamura (Waseda University) and Ken Endo (Hokkaido University).

JCMS Symposium in Tokyo

JCMS Symposium at Waseda University, Tokyo

Tuesday 10 May was a travel day (Tokyo to Kobe; 500km to the west by bullet train). On this evening we were invited by the colleagues from Kobe University, a mix of professors representing Political Science, Economics and Law, to a dinner offered by Kobe University. Cini and Verdun each sat at different tables with about eight academics, a number of whom were unable to attend the event the next day. We tweeted out about this event entitled “Euro Crisis, Brexit & Publishing Strategies for International Journals. A Wiley-SMU School of Social Sciences Talk & Workshop Meet the Editors-in-Chief of JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies”.

Wednesday 11 May: an afternoon event (13:30-17:40) hosted by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Workshop Politics, Law and Economy of EU and Japan at Kobe University.  We were picked up by a Master’s student who took us to the campus by public transport. There we met our hosts, Professor Taiji Hagiwara who had invited a colleague to join us for lunch. During the afternoon session we first presented the journal; then there were various presentations by academics (a mix of economists, political scientists and lawyers), and we each presented later in the day.

Thursday 12 May: a travel day from Kobe to Singapore. We were greeted by our host, Professor Clara Portela of the Singapore Management University, at our hotel. We spent that evening talking to her over dinner and she showed us a small part of Singapore.

Friday 13 May: a half-day event at Singapore Management University that was co-organised with the local Wiley offices. Michelle Cini and Amy Verdun and Ms Thecla Teo were the three speakers. We tweeted out about this event. The programme can be found here: http://news.wiley.com/SMUJCMS?elq_mid=9135&elq_cid=781151 The Wiley office was represented by about 6 people. Michelle Cini and Amy Verdun first gave their academic talks to an audience of about 35 people. The break was sponsored by the local Wiley office. After the break Ms Thecla Teo, Director, APAC Library Services Wiley Research gave a presentation about Wiley services followed by a presentation and question and answer session by Michelle Cini and Amy Verdun about JCMS.

After the session was over, Clara Portela networked a bit more with us and we completed the day with a dinner with her and Reuben Wong of the National University of Singapore (and Director of their European Union Centre of Excellence) sponsored by the Singapore Management University.

Saturday 14 May: travel day from Singapore to Shanghai. We were picked up at Shanghai airport by an MA student and a driver arranged by our local host of Fudan University, their Dean, Professor CHEN, Zhimin.

Sunday 15 May: in the afternoon Dr Wen Pan (Catherine) of Sichuan University, showed us around Shanghai. We networked in the afternoon and the dinner that evening was the compliments of her university.

Monday 16 May: full day conference at Fudan University, organised by Professor Chen Zhimin. The programme can be found here (in Chinese on the web; the English language programme was circulated by email): http://www.0791quanquan.com/news_keji/topic_1606429/

Professor Philippe Schmitter, European University Institute Florence, delivered the keynote address. Amy Verdun and Michelle Cini each delivered their lectures in the course of the day. The last session of the day was designated to the promotion of the journal. A conference dinner, complements of Fudan University, with about 10 persons in attendance, completed a very busy day.

Tuesday 17 May: travel from Shanghai to Beijing. A driver from Fudan University took us to the other Shanghai Airport from which we caught our flight to Beijing. There we greeted by our contact person of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Song Xiaomin, Associate Professor at the Institute of European Studies, who escorted us to the hotel in a car with driver organised and paid for by CASS. That evening we had dinner (complements of CASS) with the two editors of the Chinese Journal of European Studies, Dr Song and her colleague.

Wednesday 18 May: full day at CASS. We first networked with the various people who Michelle Cini and Amy Verdun had met before and encountered new people. This group was rather large (upwards of 60 people). The morning session Michelle Cini and Amy Verdun each gave their lectures (in extended versions). A lunch was a working lunch with continued academic discussions. The afternoon included a lengthy presentation of the journal with a long question and answer sessions with junior scholars about publishing in JCMS. After the formal session was over there was another opportunity for meeting the staff of the Chinese Journal of European Studies (we saw the offices and met with the counterpart of our Editorial Assistant). The session ended around 3:30.

In the evening we dined with two authors who had published in JCMS, Lai Suet Yi (Cher), a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of International Relations, Tsinghua University (China), researching and teaching China-EU relations. Her Director had planned to attend also but had sent his regrets. We also dined with another author of JCMS, namely Li Jasmine Zhang of the University of East Anglia who also has links to Tsinghua University.

Thursday 19 May: our travel day back home. Professor SONG Xiaomin met us at the hotel and arranged that the CASS driver take us to the airport.

From our immediate perspective the trip was a great success. We networked with a large number of people, including both professors and doctoral students. We provided information on JCMS practices, advice on writing for a top journal, and encouraged both established and more junior scholars to submit their work to JCMS. We were impressed with the range of interdisciplinary research being conducted on European and regional integration in the countries we visited, and hope that the legacy of the visit will be an increase in high-quality submissions from East Asian scholars.

Amy Verdun and Michelle Cini, JCMS Editors